A Kudo3D forum topic on this subject is at: http://www.kudo3d.com/forums/topic/replacing-the-film-in-a-v2-vat/

The procedure to replace the film on a v2 vat is fairly simple. At a high level you will need to:

  • Carefully lift the film from the vat
  • Clean the surface of the silicone by flushing it with IPA
  • Let the silicone surface fully dry
  • Inspect the film for any permanent damage
  • Lay down the film back down onto the silicone

The video below shows the process in more detail, especially the part where you lay the film back down onto on the silicone and how to identify which side of the film should face down:

In many cases, you will not need new film unless you find that the film has been permanently creased or has surface damage (like tears or holes). Also, any residual cloudiness from resin seeping underneath the film (after flushing the surface with IPA) will also disappear once film is laid back down onto the silicone.

If you do require new film, you can source sheets at a reasonable price from Muve3D (http://www.muve3d.net/press/product/fepteflon-non-stick-reservoir-coating/). The Muve3D film is different than the stock Kudo3D film in that both sides are the same. It improve silicone adhesion, you should rough up one side of the film with 600 grit sandpaper. That will make the film appear cloudy, but the cloudiness will disappear once the film is laid onto the silicone surface: